Searching for partners in various EU programs


Let’s cooperate!


The key to successful work in the modern EU is cooperation. Without cooperation there can be no successful development, no transfer of good practices, no support to the local, national and EU economy and ultimately no successful applications to EU calls for proposals, which make this possible.


We are always looking for good partners to include in our projects, as well as other applicants who are searching for reliable partners from Slovenia.


What we have to offer:

  • Over 10 years of experience with international, cross-border and national programs and projects as a lead partner (applicant) and project partner.
  • Programs we implemented in the past: Central Europe, OP Slovenia-Austria, OP Slovenia-Croatia, ERDF, Life, Erasmus, Leader+, etc.
  • Legal form: public institute.
  • Area of operation: primarily the Savinjska region. Good connections with partners from other regions so we can effectively implement project nationwide.


Development Agency Kozjansko includes:

  • Department for Rural development.
  • Department for Tourism development.
  • Department for Human Resources development.


Separate units working as a part of DA Kozjansko:

  • Youth Centre Šentjur – holds a national status of a Youth Centre, member of several national and international youth networks, runs the Activator – a place for young people to learn, present, grow and develop business and other ideas (
  • Tourist Information Centre Šentjur – Awarded by the national tourism organization for excellence, a member of national Biking Tourist Info Centres (


The programs we are most interested in:

  • Interreg Central Europe
  • Alpine Space Programme
  • OP Slovenia-Austria
  • OP Slovenia-Croatia
  • Danube Transnational Programme
  • Adriatic Ionian Programme
  • Erasmus+
  • Cosme
  • Other programs …


Please send us e-mail or give us a call:


We are looking forward to meeting you!