Local Action Group »From Pohorje to Bohor«

Programme: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
Local action group (LAG) “From Pohorje to Bohor” consists of municipalities Dobje, Dobrna, Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Šentjur, Vitanje and Zreče (area in eastern part of Slovenia, between two big cities, Celje and Maribor). It stretches on 529 square km and it has a population of 48.000, with an average density of 90 inhabitants per square km.
The Leader area with 7 municipalities “From Pohorje to Bohor”
Members of the LAG are representatives of different societies, associations, local economy, municipalities, different public institutions and services, and active individuals. With their joint effort they wish to contribute to the sustainable and comprehensive development of the area.
Development Agency Kozjansko serves as the administrative body of the LAG.
In 2008 seven projects were implemented in joint amount of 218.000 EUR.

Web portal Podezelje.com

Budget: 14.700 €
Programme: Local Action Group “From Pohorje to Bohor”
Web portal www.podezelje.com (“podezelje” stands for “countryside” in Slovenian) was set up to present the tourist and countryside offer of the area. On the portal is presented natural and cultural heritage, tourist providers, farmers who produce ecological vegetables and fruits, craftsmen, associations and organizations which work on preservation of cultural heritage, biking and hiking routes. Part of the portal is also online shop with products from the area.
As a part of the project we organize workshops for farmers, tourist providers, associations and other organizations in the area, where we inform and teach them about the importance of the Internet for their work, and how the portal Podezelje.com can help them.

Improve your local community

Budget: 31.500 €
Programme: Local Action Group “From Pohorje to Bohor”
Improve your local community is a youth project with aim to encourage and stimulate youth activities in municipality Šentjur. With the project we want to develop innovative and creative approach of young people to actively participate in creating a better life in local community.
We will create a network of youth promoters, which will help young people to implement their ideas and projects. They will get to know the environment they live in (needs, setbacks, existing resources etc.), we will identify their needs and wishes for different activities in their local community. The best ideas and projects will be financed and presented at the joint youth event “Improve your local community”.
The participants of the project will gain experience (project, entrepreneurship, work, being a part of a team), make new friends and personally grow.
The main result of the project will be youth groups and youth associations, which will be active in creating and implementing projects in various areas (tourism, cultural heritage, entrepreneurship, etc.) in municipality Šentjur.

Youth information office

Free youth information office provides:
  • Help and informing youth in the area of informal education and training, international youth programs, free-time activities and volunteer work,
  • Expert help to youth associations in regard to organizing youth work,
  • Coordination of activities among associations and youth clubs in the municipality,
  • Expert help to young people, who wish to organize as a formal or informal group (associations, informal youth clubs etc.),
  • Expert help with preparation of project proposals for local, national, EU and other calls for proposals,
  • Expert help with preparation and implementation of the projects.